We did a post on Scott Albert Johnson’s second CD project, which he’s funding via KickStarter, a few weeks ago. His first attempt to raise the necessary funding failed, but he came back with a revised (and lower-priced) project plan, and this time he succeeded!

Scott can still use additional funding if you care to contribute. Here’s what his latest bulletin says:

Hi all… this note is for those who pledged to my first Kickstarter campaign (which didn’t make the goal) but have not yet re-pledged in my 2nd chance campaign. As you may have seen, I reached the goal in my new campaign on Saturday morning. That means I will get the funding to complete the album and do some promotional activities.

However, I can definitely still use your pledge if you can make it. My new goal was $16,175… almost $12,000 less than my original budget. I had to cut out some important things like European promotion, an equipment budget, and other promotional activities that would be very beneficial to the ultimate success of this record. Every additional pledge will help me to re-implement these parts of the original budget.

The deadline for pledging as part of this 2nd Chance Kickstarter campaign is 11:59 PM CDT on Tuesday May 15 (tomorrow night). Here’s the link:


As always, and regardless of whether you re-pledge, I really appreciate your support over the years. Thank you so much!