Welcome to our Harp Review Page, where we give you the lowdown on the quality, sound, and playability of the various makes and models of harmonicas out there! If you’re thinking about buying a harp, check here first!

We’ve inaugurated this page with a set of reviews by our friend Ted van Beek. Ted’s reviews focus on double-reed harmonicas: tremolos, octave-tuned harps, and the like. They’re different, and they’re very cool.

We’ll be adding reviews of chromatics and standard single-reed diatonics soon. Check us out!

Ted van Beek’s Double-Reed Harp reviews

Ted van Beek began playing the harmonica 43 years ago, when his grandfather presented Ted with his first octave-tuned harp. His main interest remains the double-reed harmonicas, although he also plays his collection of straight diatonics and chromatics. Musically, he enjoys most genres, with emphasis on the adaptation of non-traditional Octave playing styles to Western music. Professionally, he is an Electrical Engineer, which may explain his fascination with the technical aspects of harp design, manufacturing, and playing. In addition to his series of hardware reviews, Ted also writes a double-reed column for The Harmonica Educator, and is a frequent contributor to American Harmonica Newsmagazine. We’re delighted that Ted has agreed to share his knowledge of double-reed harmonicas with our visitors.

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