I’ve been on the road for the last couple of weeks, first driving to Idaho, then flying around the west coast, and so haven’t had time to do much recording.  What I have been doing a lot of is practicing.

In particular, I’ve been playing the Melody Maker harmonica a lot–working on chords and single note runs, playing the blues in second position (which is not exactly what the thing is designed to do), and in general working on sound and facility.

I spend so much time recording electronica and such nowadays that it’s easy to forget what a pleasure it is to just pick something up and make a sound.  And it’s always fun to pick up an instrument that makes you think differently about how you play–which of course is exactly what a different tuning does.

Well, this weekend I go back to recording.  I have to wrap up a set of original lullabies that I did with guitarist Jerome Harris and ship them off for review.  Stay tuned for more information on this project, including links to the mp3s.