It’s been a while since my latest update to the Huntersounds patch set for harmonica and Digitech RP, and I want our customers current and future to know that I’ve been busy.

First things first: I’ve been hard at work tuning up my patches to make them louder, stronger, and more varied. Before the end of 2012, I plan to ship a new set (version 16) that includes these changes, and which will become the default set for new buyers.

Everyone who had a valid license for my patch set as of the last scheduled update (early in 2012) will get the new set. I’ll send out a reminder before delivery to anyone whose license expired before that cutoff date, so previous customers who want to can get the new set for a low price.

I’m also working on building a patch set for the Digitech RP500. This device is bigger and heavier than the RP355, and includes some very interesting features (like tap tempo delay) along with some nice amp models that you don’t find elsewhere in the RP line.

The current RP line. Clockwise from upper right: RP500, RP355, RP255, RP155

Finally, I’m moving to a new pricing model for the patch sets. I’ve apparently been giving licensees MUCH more stuff than they can use, which is wasteful for all concerned. In future, a license will get you a full set of patches for your RP; that set will include patches for an assortment of uses, including both acoustic and electric setups, and should satisfy all the basics for range of gigs. Licensees will also be able to purchase small sets of patches aimed at specific situations, such as a “looper” set with bass, accompaniment, and lead patches, a metal set, and so on. I anticipate charging $5 for each of these add-on sets, meaning about $1 per patch.

Stay tuned to this website for news about the new set and add-ons. In the meantime, to all our licensees, thanks VERY much for your support to date. Because of your involvement and feedback, the Huntersounds patch set for Digitech RP is now widely recognized as one of the best-sounding setups for harmonica anywhere, and one of the best gear bargains in the harmonica world. I’m grateful for your support, and I look forward to delivering more great sounds to you all.