I did a search on “Digitech RP” in the Used section of guitarcenter.com. What I saw was a lot of Digitech RP1000s going for about $189 to $240, and a lot of RP360XPs going for $114 and up. Those are great prices for very capable devices.

The Digitech RP1000: You can load it with our patches starting now

Because of its size and weight, the RP1000 isn’t my favorite device for performance. However, it’s a pretty remarkable device, and incorporates an external amp loop as well as an external FX loop. If you’ve got it, you can use it with this thing as Control Central. It sounds every bit as good as an RP500, which is the smaller, simpler, lighter version of the RP1000 (and my favorite). At under $200 it’s a pretty remarkable deal.

Digitech RP360XP: great sound and programability, lame software, decent performance features

The RP360XP has a stripped down operator interface, with only 3 footswitches for FX on/off, but it also has an expression pedal, and its sound engine is the best Digitech has.

Naturally, I offer patch sets for both devices, and my patch set will add $50 to the price of whichever device you buy. My patch set will also give you an immediate, big set of basic blues and rock sounds, clean sounds with delay and reverb, and hard-hitting electronic tones for when you want the audience to drop their drinks and stare.

Read more about my patch sets for Digitech RP here.

If you want to hear my patch sets in action, listen up here:

the 21st century blues harmonica manifesto in sound

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the rock harmonica masterpiece

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