As I continue with development of my patch set for the Zoom G3, I’m starting to find the killer FX on this box. For a start, I’m falling in love with the “M-Filter”, which is a filter based on Moog’s synth filters. It’s a neat and very adjustable filter that responds well to breath control. It’s very different from the filters in the Digitech RPs, and it works nicely with lots of amp models.

Zoom G3 multi-FX top view
Zoom G3 multi-FX top view

I’m also starting to explore the high-gain amp models in the box, like the Bogner (BG in Zoom-speak). With the gain cranked way up, it’s a heavy-metal amp for guitarists; turn the gain way down, and it produces a deep, rumble-y tone that’s well outside the ordinary for harp, in a very good way.

I’m still looking forward to playing with the Z-Clean amp model, which was one of the few things I really liked on the Zoom G2. On the G2, this model produced a sweet, clear tone with plenty of depth–a perfect platform for shimmering FX and straight-up country sounds.

The hardest part of developing sounds for this box is continually reminding myself that it is NOT a Digitech RP. I need to focus on what the G3 does brilliantly, as opposed to trying to make it sound just like the stuff I do on the Digitech. That means changing my mind, and as anyone who has ever tried to change a habit knows, your mind is the hardest thing to change there is. But I’m working on it.

Samples of these new sounds will be coming soon, so stay tuned.