Digitech has released (or will soon) a new pair of pedals, the Element and Element XP. From what I can see of the product specs, these pedals represent a replacement for the RP55, Digitech’s lowest-priced amp modeler. The RP55 had the older-generation Digitech chip; this one has the DNA2 chip, Digitech’s current model, and so includes better delays, reverbs, and other FX.

However, I do NOT recommend this pedal for harp players, for several reasons:

  • The Element and Element XP don’t have a USB port, so it’s impossible either to load pre-configured patches or to back up the device and restore it in the event of a problem.
  • They don’t have amp or cab models for the Fender Champ and Bassman, two of the best RP models for harp, and they’re missing lots of other harp-friendly models as well.
  • I doubt that they’re priced substantially lower than an RP155, which offers a whole lot of harp-friendly amp and cab models, plus USB connectivity for recording and patch backup, at a retail price under $100 (and used prices in the neighborhood of a third of that).

  • For all the above reasons, I have no intention of designing patches for these devices. I strongly recommend that harp players seeking a decent amp modeler at the lowest possible price start with the RP155 or RP255, depending on whether or not they want an expression pedal in the package. (In case there’s any doubt, I really think that the expression pedal is well worth the extra money, especially if you plan to use effects like the rotary speaker.)