I’ve known Dutch-born harmonica virtuoso and composer Wim Dijkgraaf since the late 1990s. Wim now lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and I joined up with him there at Gartner’s Symposium ITXPO conference to perform this duet on Ben Tucker’s “Comin Home Baby” in front of an audience of Chief Information Officers, mostly from Brazil.

Wim is playing a Hohner CX12 chromatic in this performance, and I’m playing a Lee Oskar Natural Minor diatonic in G in second position, i.e. in G minor. We’re both playing into the same microphone, and I recorded the performance as it was played with a Zoom H4 recorder, using the Zoom’s built-in mics, with the Zoom placed about 18 inches from the PA speaker and roughly on the same level. Zero effects were used by either of us. The recording quality is decent, meaning that you can hear some of the room noise, but the harps come through clearly.

It was a pleasure to play with Wim again, and the performance was a lot of fun. Enjoy.

Comin Home Baby featuring Wim Dijkgraaf and Richard Hunter, recorded live in performance 29 October 2014

I recorded a solo version of this piece for my first CD, “The Act of Being Free in One Act.” It’s a very nice performance on a CD filled with remarkable compositions and performances. You can buy the CD (and my second solo recording, “The Second Act of Free Being”) at CDBaby if you’re so inclined.