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My lightweight pedal rig for playing through the PA

This is the rig I used with a Bulletini mic at the show I did last Sunday (25 September 2022), straight into the PA. All the basic harmonica food groups are here represented, but at the show I only used the Joyo American Sound and the delay. I could’ve used the vibrato on a tune or two, but except for my short set the music was about acoustic guitars and vocals, so no need for autowah, pitch shifter, and vibrato. The rig is light enough to carry easily with one hand, so no need to disassemble for a stripped down show either. On a tune or two I turned off the Joyo, and the Bulletini produced a very pleasant acoustic sound

My pedalboard on 25 September 2022

If you look closely you can see the little white paint stripes I put in place to show me what the starting point for every dial on every pedal is. Saves a lot of fumble time when I set up.

The signal path for this rig is from right to left on the bottom row (pitch shifter/delay/amp modeler), then right to left on the top row (delay, autowah, reverb). The mic is input to the pitch shifter at the front of the chain, and the reverb output goes to the PA.

For my own set at this show I added a Digitech Jamman XT looper loaded with the backing tracks I created between the reverb and the PA.

And there you go.

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