This is my first blog entry, and I’ll use it for a statement of intentions.

I play the harmonica. I have been playing harmonica for over 40 years. In that time, I have written the world’s best-selling method for jazz and rock harmonica players, released two CDs of original music for solo harmonica, played on film soundtracks, jingles, and other people’s records both great and small, released dozens of original pieces of electric groove music featuring harmonica, and generally played a lot of harmonica.

Harmonica is something I care about. It’s one of my primary tools for turning my life experiences into art, which is something that matters to me. There are other things I care about in my life, but this blog is going to be about the part of it that involves harmonica. It’s a big part, as I suppose you’ve figured out by now.

I’ll write next about my gig tomorrow night with Spinning Plates, an ambient improvised electronica band. It’s my first time playing a whole night of ambient electronica. I’ll let you know how it goes.