I love the sound of my three-RP setup, but it’s time to admit the ugly truth: all that hardware is damned hard to manage in performance. It looks like a lot of work to set it up and make it go, and it is. And while it’s great to get all sweaty in performance, you never want the audience to look at you and think “Man that guy is struggling to make all that s— work.”

Ask yourself: Do you want all this stuff staring up at YOU from the floor? I did for a while...

So I’m stripping back my live setup to one RP355 and a stereo looper. I’ll have to record some more parts for some of my live pieces (to make up for the missing voices), and I’ll have to take a different approach to others. But as my nephew said, “it’s like you’re trying to do your studio thing onstage,” and that is 1) right and 2) all wrong.

So stay tuned for the new, lighter weight Hunter solo, coming soon to a venue near you.