I was playing with the looper the other day, and I created the abstract piece you hear below. This is a strange, abrasive, and sometimes thrilling piece.

I’m not sure what sounds exactly I used on this. The first layer, alternating G and F chords, is played on an RP355 ring modulator patch, running into the RP255 running a Whammy effect set to a major second down. I think the second layer is a matchless amp model with a low octave mix. At some point I threw in a patch with a chorus on the RP255, and then went back to the whammy. I don’t know what patch the very cutting solo harp that enters about 2/3 of the way through is; I do know that I was working the whammy pedal while I played, which is what creates those very wide and rapid bends.

Abstract loop jam 20100812

It’s plenty different. Enjoy.