Warning: this post is all about working with gear.

I’ve been working out the patch changes for the songs in Why(K)now’s repertoire, and I’m developing some new rules for working with 3 amp modeling devices plus an ABY pedal on the floor:

RP250-355-2255 setup July 12 2010

Richard Hunter RP250-355-255 setup July 12 2010;
Note ABY pedal between RP250 and RP355

Gotta do something about those cables…

The ideal situation is one in which a single device makes all the sounds you need, and all those sounds are side by side on the device, so you can switch to and from them fast. 

If you’re using two devices to make a combined sound, you can’t switch patches on both at once.  (Hendrix talked about dancing on the pedals, but it was a one-footed dance, I’m sure.)  One way to use two devices easily is to combine multiple patches on one with just one on the other, and use the ABY pedal to bring the second device in and out.  Or do multiple patches on one, then multiple on the other, again using the ABY to switch devices.
When you’re using multiple FX devices at once, you need to consider whether you want each to have its own reverb and delay, or apply that globally.  So you need to listen to the combined reverbs and delays of all the patches. 

More to come.  I’ll record some of the new patch setups this week.  Rehearsing with the band on July 20.