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Video of the Day 7 March 2012: Boris Plotnikov + Looper

Boris Plotnikov is based in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and he’s a potent musician; we’ve featured him previously in our blog. This clip, rough edges and all, shows that Boris is doing some pretty cool things with his looper and various FX devices (one of which, we’re delighted to say, is a Digitech RP). A big issue in looping is creating parts that add up to a satisfying whole, and FX boxes can do a lot to help the player make sounds that blend instead of smothering each other. Boris sets a nice foundation here with chugged rhythms and low octave riffs, and then he builds on it. It’s a loose jam, but it shows you where this stuff is going.

5 replies on “Video of the Day 7 March 2012: Boris Plotnikov + Looper”

Boy this is just fantastic. It is very neat to see how things are done. I just got my RP355 in the mail today and am struggling to figure it out. Now when I see the possibilities of a decent setup and the knowhow behind these effects I am very excited to get down and do something. I have a Digitech JamMan (old model) Looper/Phrase Sampler and I am wondering, can I put this in line with my RP355 as well and if they are compatible I assume it would go after the 355 in the effect chain. Am I correct in this assumption? I am quite naive when dealing with this sort of equipment but am very eager to learn.

Richard, I sure do wish you would do some hands on vids for beginning and intermediate usage of these fantastic pedals as they really push the imagination. It would be very much appreciated. You are very articulate and I think a very good teacher.

Keep your lips to the metal,

The JamMan should go between the RP and the amp, with the RP355’s output plugged into the looper’s input. You can also put the looper in the amp’s FX loop if it has one, which is what I do with my Peavey KB2. In that case, the effects SEND goes to the input on the looper, and the looper output goes to the effects RETURN

Stay tuned for the videos, coming soon.

By the way, if you’re not using my patch set in your RP, think about it.

Don’t worry I have been wanting your patches for a long time. I have just been waiting for the right time to buy an RP355. I suspect Digitech is going to come out with a new model here soon. I will let you know as I am going to the Frankfurt Musik Messe in a couple weeks.
Have you ever tried the Digitech Whammy or Whammy DT. I think Lili has a Dunlop Jimi Hendriks going here in this vid but you can see the Digi Whammy 4 in the middle around 1:44.
I would like to turn you on to this artist as well – Just like you – breaking all the rules and having fun doing it! Very, very cool!!!

All the Best,

Hi Bruce, the violinist sounds great. I’ve never used a Digitech Whammy pedal, but I certainly use the Whammy effect on the RPs frequently. I like that you can do both very precise pitch shifts and wild oscillations with it.

Thanks for the headsup!

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