There are lots of reasons why you might want to rearrange the order of the patches in a set. For me, it’s usually because I’m using two or more patches…

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There are lots of reasons why you might want to rearrange the order of the patches in a set. For me, it’s usually because I’m using two or more patches in a song, and I want them side by side so I can move between them with one footpress.

There are a couple of ways you can rearrange the patches on the RP. By far the easiest is to connect your RP to the computer via USB and start up the X-edit2 program. X-edit2 will display a list of all the patches currently loaded on the RP. All you have to do is left-click and hold on the one you want to move, and drag-and-drop it into the location where you want it to go. X-edit2 will move all the other patches on the RP up one location to make room for the moved one. Done!

You can always move a patch by saving it to the new location, of course, but that technique overwrites the patch that was there earlier, which you might not want to do. This way, you’ve still got all the same patches, but in the order you want them.

If there’s a patch not in your currently loaded set that you want to put on your RP, OPEN it using X-edit2, then STORE it to the desired location on the RP. I provide all my patches as singles as well as bulk loads to make it easy to check out new patches when you’re in the mood.

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  1. The click and drag method is not working for me. Perhaps because I am using Mac? Does the click and drag only work on PC? I’m also having trouble adding new patches to the library, but I’m sure I’ll remember/figure out how to do that with a little tinkering…

  2. Hmmm, I haven’t tried it on the Mac. Seems weird that the same functionality wouldn’t be available. I should have the opportunity to check it out within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

  3. Regarding adding new patches to the library, you can do it two ways. You can save individual patches, or you can save bulk files. Either way, just set up a folder for your patches, and save them there. Then you can reload them into any location you like. By the way, individual patch files have the same format for Mac and PC versions, so you can use them on either.

  4. Hi Richard,
    Just bought the patches for RP355 and loaded them individually on a Mac. I like the click and drag rearranging tip, if it doesn’t work with a Mac I’ll borrow my son’s laptop.

    They sound great and what I really like is that they make a terrific base for further customization and a good starting point for learning about the RP.

    Thank you for making them available! Sandy

  5. thanks for the great huge tips.
    Greetings from Sardinia, Italy

    grazie per i grandi enormi utili consigli.
    Saluti dalla Sardegna,Italia

  6. I set up the 50 patches and the additional 22. Is the tone engine improved because the new patches on the RP500 sound even better than the RP 355. They are fantastic. Definitely worth the upgrade in machine and patches. Just curious, would some of the unique patches I have from the RP355 set (?#16) work on the 500? I do have 28 open spots although I thought I might leave them blank and copy the ones I want to use for a particular show into those open slots obviating the need to rearrange patches.

  7. @Michael: yes,the tone engine in the 500 is better than the one in the 355; if you set up a 500 patch with the same parameters as a 355 patch, the 500 patch will sound better. The 360/500/1000 also lack the zipper noise that you get with the 355 when using the footpedal to control certain parameters, such as vibrato speed.

    RPXPlor can be used to automate conversion of patches from RP355 to RP500 format. Anything configured for the 355 will certainly translate in its entirety to the 500, so get RPXplor and give it a go.

  8. Hey Richard, I got your patch set for the 360XP and while the literature shows 70 patches I only received 53 patches. Is this a mistake? Did I do something wrong on my bulk load in? I counted the single patches and there were 50 and then the 3 bonus patches. Please let me know what’s the scoop.

  9. @Thos: my apologies. The documentation is wrong. 50 patches is correct. I need to update the documentation.

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