I’ve completed initial setup of the first set of 50 patches for the Digitech RP1000. My RP500 v17 set is my current benchmark for excellence in RP sounds, and I’m aiming to make the first RP1000 set sound very much the same.

The RP1000 has a MUCH hotter output than the 500, and I expect to need to deal with that somehow during testing. The 1000 is as loud with master volume set to 11 out of 99 as the 500 is with master volume set to 64. How the hell did that happen, Digitech? I guess somebody had a spare wall at the factory and decided they needed something loud enough to knock it down…

In the meantime, we’re getting closer to the official release for this set, which will be priced at US $50 (one dollar per patch). And then comes the set for the new RP360/360XP. So many devices, so little time.

The Digitech RP1000: it's big, it's bad, it's in our sights
The Digitech RP1000: it’s big, it’s bad, and it’s coming to you soon with our patches in it