Last night I completed installing the first set of 50 Huntersounds patches on my Digitech RP360. I immediately backed up the set to my computer using Digitech’s crippled Nexus software….

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Last night I completed installing the first set of 50 Huntersounds patches on my Digitech RP360. I immediately backed up the set to my computer using Digitech’s crippled Nexus software. I’m glad I did, because if I hadn’t all that work would have been lost, maybe forever.

It took five starts and exits for my latest editing session before Nexus recognized the RP360XP that was attached to my computer via USB. Oh well; I suppose I should be grateful that it didn’t take longer. When I succeeded, on the sixth try, in getting Nexus to recognize the device, it promptly advised me that a firmware update was available, and told me to back up my presets before proceeding–which I had already done, of course.

The firmware update was a very slow process, even on my cable Internet connection. (Charter’s cable internet service is supposed to be the fastest in the USA.) About 10 minutes into the process, the RP simply froze, saying that it had lost contact with the host. (I presume the “host” in this case is Digitech’s servers.) After another half hour, I went to sleep. (It was late, and I do sleep occasionally.) When I woke up this morning, 6 hours later, the device was still frozen. I unplugged it and restarted it. When I did, the following messages immediately appeared on the RP’s screen:

RP 360 Upd V2.0.0.0

I started up Nexus and connected the RP to the computer via USB. Nexus immediately advised that I should do a firmware update. I told Nexus to start the process.

That was about 45 minutes ago. For all that time, the messages on the RP’s screen haven’t changed. Nexus is displaying a message that says “DOWNLOADING FIRMWARE.” That’s comforting, huh? But the RP still thinks it’s waiting for the host, or so it tells me. I really don’t know what this thing is thinking. At this point, I doubt that it thinks very clearly.

I’m going to continue to run the updater until something changes, or until 2 hours have passed, whichever comes first. If the RP hasn’t come back from its apparent suspended animation by then, it goes back to Sweetwater in the box it came in, and I’ll take my refund. I haven’t mentioned to this point that I discovered during the process of creating my patch set that the device apparently has some instability in its memory, because certain patches in the set I’ve created have exhibited changes in their parameters between editing sessions, without input from me. Maybe that’s what the firmware update was supposed to address. But of course the firmware update has created a whole ‘nother level of problem.

I’ll summarize my brief experience with the RP360 to date as follows: it sounds great, when it’s working, which it seems to do until you decide to change something inside it. The software that supposedly supports it is incapable of fully editing the sounds in the device, and apparently capable of rendering the device completely non-functional. Anyone who buys this thing with the intention of installing their own sounds in it should be aware that the device can’t be relied on for that purpose. Anyone who tries a firmware update, whether or not prompted to do so by the Nexus software, should be aware that a lot of trouble may result. In other words, in my experience to date this device is a broken toy. If my experience so far is representative of what any buyer can generally expect, the RP360 is completely unsuitable for professionals or moderately advanced amateurs–that is, anyone who wants to create their own sounds, and who intends to be diligent about keeping the device updated.

Or so I think at 7:45 AM Eastern time on March 7, 2014, about 8 hours after I started the firmware update recommended by Nexus. We’ll see what I think in another hour and fifteen minutes, by which time my patience will either have been rewarded, or run out completely.

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  1. I have had exactly the same problem. I have tried almost ten times to update the firmware but it crashes every time at around 10%. I’ve basically been left with a brick that is useless. Thank you Digitech.

    Did you manage to resolve your problem? I suspect I’m going to have to send mine back.

  2. I just kept trying until it finally took, which was on the 6th try. See my post:

    Make sure you power down and up between each try.

    Good luck! Once you get it working, the thing sounds very good. The latest version of Nexus is improved slightly, though it still doesn’t support drag and drop, and Stomp mode is pretty easy to set up in Nexus, which makes the device just that much more flexible in performance.

  3. Thanks Richard. I’ll keep trying. Digitech got back to me to say hold down the drums button while powering it on. Apparently this puts it in updater mode – it doesn’t work as it’s already in updater mode when I switch it on! Ahh well…

  4. Had to send it back in the end. Couldn’t update the firmware at all! Hopefully swapping it for a sound card instead to use Guitar Rig.

  5. @Faizan: First, make sure that you correctly installed the drivers for the RP. Second, make sure that the RP communicates with the computer when it’s plugged in via USB–you can do that by playing back a piece of music on the computer, and checking to make sure that you can hear it through headphones plugged into the RP. Then go to Cubase.

    I don’t use Cubase, so I don’t know where you find the input/output device selection, but that’s what you’re looking for. It might be in EDIT/Preferences, OPTIONS, or some other similarly-named part of the program menu. Anyway, if you can’t find it, contact Steinberg tech support. I do not in general provide tech support for Cubase.

  6. Hello, I’d like to prompt to read the dialog box complitly when trying update,
    if still it not work, then contact customer service – ,
    explain polite the situation and you will recieve a full instructions how to do it step by step.

  7. Well Gentleman,
    I was simply trying my new recording software on my hp laptop (after upgrading to windows 10, took forever) and I was using my RP360 as an interface instead of buying a separate one, why spend the money when RP360 unit of mine has the capacity to be used for that purpose. Well after downloading the pdf owners manual and take all the necessary safety precaution to make sure I had all my bases covered not to damage my computer, my recording software, and the Digitech unit itself, I proceed to power it up and give it a maiden voyage test. Well I was none too impressed myself after arming the track. I could see signal coming in and going out, however no sound was coming from the monitors. Well I was diligent in my quest to figure it out when I realized it was starting to get daybreak and I had been up all night attempting to get some other result leading my to downloading of the nexus library. It ws really time for me to hit the sack, I was almost panic stricken over this situation then could not sleep because I had really worked diligently to have my studio up and running so I could do my magic. So I got out of bed and sort of slumped over to the laptop to do one more last ditch thing to so if I could get the problem rectified….I read the whole manual then I got on the phone because it indicated to me that the engineers at digitech had maybe not designed it to be compatible with windows 10. I was in total shock. Well I was on the phone, internet and exhausted all of my sanity trying to correct the no sound thing. Please note that upon my getting it prepared the pop-up window asked if I wanted to update the firmware “bricking” my pedal as you all had happen. My frustation was only amplified by my computer having issues as well. I resigned myself from the whole mess until I was writting a song and love the fact that I could get the whole idea of my song, tempo, bassline and individual guitar parts all with just it, my guitar and my old fostex multitracker. Then make copys for bandmembers or session musicians to learn ver batuum precisely the song as written. So I called one last time to see if the peple at Digitech could give me and easy fix or just send it to them for a flat rate fee of $100 bucks. They did all they could on their end to send me a compressed contss file a pdf manual on how to unlock it from the dred of the updater mode. Well I worked really hard and spent about a week or two having my friends come over and go through the motions but nothing prevailed to unlock it..Total time from bricked until this time was just before christmas until about a week age wth no pedal and noone could seem to help, Phooey! I just tonight plugged it in powered it up making sure that I held the left button on the unit as well as the system button down the sametime plugging it in to turn it on. Now when I got that timing down perfect(it took a couple) the pedal flashed the it was loading, Hurray then a bar graph popped up on my laptop and in about 20 minutes it came back to life, then asked me if I wanted the latest version of it-as soon as that 100 percent was done loading and the screen indicted that it was no longer junk I yarded the cord to the computer right out of it…I hope this might help you guys, good luck

  8. @ Kevin B: jeez, what a horror story. You’ve convinced me to advise my customers not to buy the 360 until further notice. The 500 sounds great and has none of these idiotic issues.

  9. I should of done more research on this product, it sounded to good to be true. It simply won’t turn on. It flickers on and off. Not sure, what the problem could be. The power supply is correct. Perhaps I received a dud. Unless I have to be plugged in through usb to my computer, but it didn’t come with the usb cord. Don’t really feel like spending on something if it won’t work. Any ideas? I sense a strong vibe to return it but I’m not losing hope yet.

  10. @Val: If your RP360 is behaving like that, it’s defective. Send it to Digitech for repairs. Their tech support is terrific. Good luck.

  11. Hi guys, i´m from Argentina. I have had a rp255. Now i own a rp360xp and i’m satisfied about it (the nexus app sucks! i really miss x-edit)
    Is the firmware update worth it?

  12. @Eduardo: I did the firmware update first thing. I never tried the device without it, so I dunno. In general, when a manufacturer says update the firmware, I do it.

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