This patch combines a Stack Amp Model setup — a useful “hard” amp model for harmonica on the Digitech RP200 (my favorite), RP100, and RP300 — with a deep pitch-bending “whammy” effect that’s under foot-pedal control. It’s great for long, timed bends that seem to go up and up forever, works very well for harmony lines. (It gives a very special sound to harmony lines that involve bends.)

The Gain for the Stack amp model used in this patch is actually set to 0 out of a possible 100. This is a REALLY hot amp model, and you’ve got plenty of distortion even with zero gain. I’ve set the tone up for a dark sound that blends well with raunchier, brighter harmonicas.

The RP200’s expression pedal is assigned to pitch-bend in this patch. On the RP100 the amp model will still sound great, but you won’t get that insane bending, which you can apply to single notes or chords.

This patch will sound best when the output goes to a PA system or keyboard amp. (I haven’t tried it through a tube amp; who knows, maybe all that distortion would send great! Almost any sound is good for something.) It records very well either direct to the board, or miced off a keyboard amp. I recommend using a vocal mic (like a Shure SM-57 or equivalent), rather than a bullet mic, for best results.

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