Rob Paparozzi, New York studio harmonica ace and lead singer with bands that include the Original Blues Brothers and Blood, Sweat, and Tears, just posted this piece to Youtube: Rob playing lead (on an Anthony Dannecker customized diatonic harp in Ab) on Duke Ellington’s classic “In a Mellotone.” Rob’s Audix Fireball V mic is running to a Digitech RP with my patches installed.

He does the head choruses using an octave down patch–it’s nice and clean, so my guess is that it’s the FDI8D patch (direct amp model, octave down double). He improvises using one of the clean patches with reverb–since I put the level of the octave double under footpedal control in that and a few other patches, he might just have backed the pedal off on the same patch.

Overall, a very cool performance, and also nice to hear how much jazz a master like Rob can get out of a diatonic harp without retuning it or overblowing.