Brian Maw is going into the studio in Idaho Falls this weekend to record some tunes for a new EP. I’m waiting for the mp3s so I can lay down the harmonica tracks in my home studio.

One of the first couple of songs will be “So Sweet,” the very rough live recording of which I posted to this site not long ago. I will almost certainly use the same approach I used on the live recording, i.e. the same yearning, bluesy motifs played through
my CHAMPB patch from the new v16 Huntersounds patch set for the Digitech RP 250/255/350/355.

I also have the luxury of being able to try other approaches, too, if I want to, and I suppose I do, even though I think that ultimately it’s most important to put down something that shows people what the band really sounds like. In other words, I guess I want to make sure that whatever I put on this track can be played live, which of course would not exclude changing the sounds I’m running on the RP355 at any given point in the song.

Recording is so much fun (when it’s not a giant problem)! I’m really looking forward to this stuff. We plan to have the EP available for sale in May 2013, so stay tuned to this blog!