Now that our Digitech RP500 patch set is up and running, we’ve set our sights on the RP1000. This is Digitech’s top of the line RP, with a lot of interesting performance features and a lotta lotta lotta amp models, cab models, and FX to work with (not to mention a WHOLE lotta user patches to program), and we’re looking forward to loading it up with a huge pile of great sounds.

The Digitech RP1000: it's big, it's bad, it's in our sights
The Digitech RP1000: it’s big, it’s bad, it’s in our sights

The RP1000 is a hefty piece of gear, but it’s only two inches longer than the RP355, and I may end up replacing the RP355 with the RP1000 in my rig. Certainly the RP1000 is a more flexible piece of gear than the RP355. To take only one example, I have five dedicated foot switches on the RP1000 for switching FX in and out of a patch, and the switches themselves are much easier to operate decisively than the close-set-and-easier-to-trigger-accidentally footswitches on the RP355. That means radical alterations to a patch during performance are possible using the footswitches only. That’s about as flexible as a Zoom G3, though you still can’t chain FX in any desired order on the RP1000.

We’ve already started work on converting patches from the RP500 to the RP1000, and we expect to finish the job before year-end. Stay tuned for more info on the full patch set, pricing, and everything else you’ll need to know about this cool new patch set running on Digitech’s baddest-ass RP.