Ed Abbiatti of the Milan-based band Lowlands has given me permission to post a few of the pieces I recorded live on my Zoom H4, with a mono feed from the mixer, at the gig at The Windmill in Brixton on June 19 2010. Unfortunately, the level on the Zoom was set way too high, and anything from that night with drums on it is much too distorted to be listenable. The stuff without drums is listenable, if not the most pristine recordings you ever heard, and it’s worth hearing for the musicianship and emotion.

Here’s The Last Call, one of my favorites from the first album.

The Last Call

And here’s In Between, another great ballad. I play chromatic harmonica on both pieces. There are some very nice improvised harmonies between the harp and violin in there…

In Between

These tunes are among my favorites from this band. The recording quality ain’t great, but the performances have a lot going on. Enjoy.