I’ve had some heated debates about the future of harmonica festivals with various members of SPAH’s‘s board in the last few days. The point they keep making is that anyone who wants to improve SPAH’s conventions should volunteer.

Okay. So I posted the following to the Harp-L list yesterday:

Based on the conversations on this list in the last day or so, I’ve decided to offer SPAH my services for 2 hours per month. I presume that this is enough time to accomplish a meaningful task on behalf of SPAH every month.

I considered sending this message privately, but I decided to make it public in order to see whether others would do the same. If every one on this list contributed an hour or two per month, SPAH could increase the number of volunteer hours available to it by the equivalent of dozens of full time employees. It’ll take some planning and effort to coordinate the efforts of those volunteers, but that’s not a high barrier.

If this offer is of interest, someone from SPAH please contact me offlist to discuss.

Haven’t heard back yet. Maybe they’re still thinking about it. In my opinion, it’s a good offer. But we’ll see what happens.