I’m working right now on a song titled “The Road Out of Here”, whose lyrics are based on a book I wrote in 2002 called “World Without Secrets” (Wiley & Sons, NYC).  The thing is, I wrote the lyrics–the first version, anyway–in 2005.  It’s taking a while to finish the song.  But that’s not unheard of.

My piece “New Country Stomp” took 3 years to write.  At least the version I recorded did.  I dd the first version in about a month, and when I recorded it for my CD “The Act of Being Free In One Act,” it was pretty clear that it wasn’t working.  When I played the second version for Chuck Eller, the recording engineer and keyboard player for The Unknown Blue Band, 3 years later at the recording sessions for “The Second Act of Free Being,” the first thing he said was “Well, that certainly improved.”  And so it had.

So it’s taking me a while to finish this piece.  But finish it I will.  I laid out a rough version of the structure on a plane ride yesterday.  (I now have one of those silly little Korg keyboards that fits in a computer bag.  Not much for playing Beethoven, but it works for laying down a simple bassline.)  So stay tuned for a completed song.