To complete the sampling of pieces from the Alpine Wines solo gig on August 4, here are three excerpts from my song “You Won’t Get Over Me.” These snips are all instrumental–unfortunately, the Zoom H4 recorder overloaded every time I began to sing. So you’ll just have to imagine how cool the singing and my lyrics were that night. (Try to imagine that they were both, like, overwhelmingly cool…)

Excerpt 1–basic loop is the single-layer loop I played on harmonica to start this off. The harp is coming through an RP355 that’s set up with a Matchless amp model and a low octave double. It’s a very strong combined bass and rhythm sound.

Excerpt 2 is the basic loop with another harp layered on it, this one played through an RP355 patch with a Bassman amp model and a rotating speaker (Leslie) effect. There’s a lot of excitement in this sound.

Finally, Excerpt 3 is the basic loop with a solo improvised on top. The solo is played through the vocal mic for a clean, unaffected sound. Once you’ve got the right stuff in the foundation, you can do a lot of things on top and make it work.

I love these cool new sounds, and I’m just gettin’ started. Already I feel like a lot of doors are opening for the harp in some cool new roles. Stay tuned.