One of my very favorite players, Brendan Power, has posted clips from his new swing jazz album to his site at

I went and checked out these clips, and they are hot, hot, hot. Brendan's playing
on these clips shows a mastery of tone that is equal to Larry Adler's in Adler's
performances with Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt from the 1930's--which
is to say, about as good as it gets--and Brendan is obviously a much more accomplished
improviser than Adler was at the time. I do not choose these words lightly.

Highly recommended, to say the least. More like must-have. Go to
to hear/download/order. Start your listening with "China Boy" if you
want an instant thrill.

Standard disclaimer: I receive no remuneration from Brenda Power in any form, though
I certainly wish him all success.