As regular visitors to this site know, I’ve been planning to follow up my record “The Lucky One” with a new set of songs called “Blue Future.” The recording sessions were scheduled for October, but I had some family medical issues on the very weekend I was scheduled to record in Philadelphia, so the sessions were cancelled. It looks like we’re going to record now in January-February 2018.

The setup in the studio for “The Lucky One” and (soon) for “Blue Future.”

I’m disappointed that I have to wait another few months to lay these songs down, but I’m also glad to have another couple of months to work on the material. (As the saying goes: a work of art is never finished, only released.) I’m also glad to have another month or so to put an IndieGoGo campaign together to fund the recording.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting some great feedback from Taxi, the independent A&R guys, on various songs from “The Lucky One.” (“50 Grand” has been forwarded by Taxi to several listings, and it might come to a TV show near you before long.) One of the things they told me was that a remix of my favorite song from the record, “Why Should I Make History,” has a lotta potential if the choruses get bigger. So I’ve asked Mike Brenner to lay some more guitar on those choruses, after which we’ll mix again and see what happens.

Stay tuned for more news about “Blue Future.”