I’ve been listening to the recordings from the Alpine Wines gig in Driggs ID on August 4, and I’ve decided to share some of the pieces.  The recording quality, as usual for a live gig, is good but not great.  It’s a live gig; there is crowd noise.  But it was a good sounding room, and the performances are pretty cool.  I’ll post links to a range of pieces, including some of my acoustic solo repertoire and some of my new electric sounds, over the next few days. 

Today, you can check out my performances of “Billy the Kid” and “The Longing”.  I’ve recorded “Billy the Kid” on several occasions; this performance is played on a Lee Oskar Country-tuned harp in Db, and it’s strong.  “The Longing” is played on a Lee Oskar Natural Minor in A (2nd position is A); this is only the second time I have recorded the piece, the first being the sessions for my CD “The Act of Being Free in One Act.”  This performance is miles ahead of the one I recorded in 1994.  

Both pieces were played into a Shure SM58 mic running through a Digitech RP250 with a slapback delay on it.  The RP250 was plugged into a Peavey KB2, and I recorded with a Zoom H4 sitting just below the front of the amp. 

More to come.  Stay tuned.