I’m doing a seminar at SPAH this year on the topic of layering your loops with FX. it’s going to be a lot of fun. I wish, of course, that I could tell you what day and time this seminar will be conducted at SPAH, but as usual for SPAH the schedule is unavailable (and as per my blog posts from 2007 and 2009 on this topic, perenially so).

Anyway, the short pieces included in this post are samples of what I’ll talk about at SPAH. They’re recorded live in mono from my Audix Fireball V into my Digitech RP355 into my Digitech JamMan Stereo looper, with exactly one harmonica per loop. On some of my performance loops I start with a pre-recorded drum track; not these. It’s all harp.

When you listen, check out how the layers and FX work together to fill out the sonic spectrum. This is not minimalist harp looping, like Son of Dave; this is maximalist.

Dig, and come to SPAH to find out how it was done. I’m looking forward to seeing Brandon Bailey and Brendan Powers’s seminars at SPAH, too, for different perspectives on looping.

Of course, this material is copyright 2012 Richard Hunter, all rights reserved.

The stroll

Hevy Hevy Harp