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In Peace

“In Peace” is a simple song with a beautiful sound: two Melody Maker harmonicas overlaid via loop recording, both played through a Fireball V mic into a Digitech RP355 running my FBAROT patch, which consists of a Bassman amp model with a rotating speaker effect. I recorded the parts on the Digitech JamMan Solo looper, exported the loop to a WAV file, and brought the WAV file into Cakewalk Sonar for editing. I added EQ and reverb in the editing process, because by then I had decided that I was going for a beautiful composition, not a literal performance.

Digitech RP355
DigiTech RP355 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with USB

I think this piece, short and simple as it is, reveals an aspect of the Digitech RPs that’s easy to miss: they can make very beautiful sounds as well as tough, bluesy sounds and weird sounds. It’s really nice to have a piece of gear that can make so many sounds, especially when it’s small, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive.

“In Peace” by Richard Hunter


One Response to “In Peace”

  1. Randy Weinstein says:

    Nice piece. And nice to hear somebody taking advantage of the chord and double stop opportunities this harp tuning provides. The digital effects work well in large part due to their subtlety. The texture you achieved was reminiscent of Garth Hudson’s atmospheric organ work on Big Pink.

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