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Something for now: The Road Out of Here

“The Road Out of Here” is one of the pieces on my upcoming record “The Lucky One.” I’ve previously released a solo looped version of this tune via this site. The version on “The Lucky One” is supported by a full band, but it’s got the same reckless energy as the looped piece.

The lyrics for this piece seem apropos to recent events in America and the world, so here they are. Enjoy.

“The Road Out of Here” copyright 2016 by R. Hunter/Turtle Hill Productions, all rights reserved

On the road
Out of here
Communication is frequently unclear
Is easily received
But nobody knows what they can believe
We watch the Sky
Swinging from greed to fear
You better bring more than your eyes and ears
If you wanna know who’s driving
On the road out of here

On the road
Out of here
You’re king of the mountain or you disappear
Number one
Gets a lot
Number two gets a little
Number three gets not
The mountain is steep
And the dropoff is sudden and sheer
A whole lotta people gonna fall to the rear
It’s the rule of the road on the road out of here

On the road
out of here
The preppies are playing with stolen gear
Trading shots
Swapping knives
Practicing lying to their future wives
Well honey they’ll say
I’m just going out for a beer
But the bars are all closed
She will yell through her tears
While his car speeds away on the road out of here

On the road
out of here
No signal you send ever disappears
What you say what you buy where you go
Everybody knows it
everybody knows
It’s a world without secrets
And we are transparently clear
And when I know what secrets you cherish and fear
I’m gonna drive you around on the road out of here

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The Kickstarter Campaign for “The Lucky One” starts in a few days

As I work my way through writing and recording demos for my upcoming record project, “The Lucky One,” I keep in mind that making a record takes money as well as talent and dedication. On that score, within the next couple of days I’ll be launching a Kickstarter project to raise the money I need for this project. Stay tuned for the URL, coming soon to a browser near you…

Digitech RP500: I'm offering one of these loaded with the sounds for the record as one of the rewards for contributors to my Kickstarter project

Digitech RP500: I’m offering one of these loaded with the sounds for the record as one of the rewards for contributors to my Kickstarter project

Part of a Kickstarter project is the rewards I put together for contributors. In addition to the usual stuff–downloads, CDs, etc.–I’m offering one reward that includes a new Digitech RP500 fully loaded with 1) the patch set I’m using to record the record, and 2) the standard Huntersounds RP500 patch set. I’m going to autograph that RP before I load it and ship it, so it’ll be the closest thing you can get–actually, functionally identical, just with fewer scratches and dents–to the one I’m going to use in the recording sessions for this record.

Like I said, stay tuned.

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Recording for the next Richard Hunter record begins in July!

It’s been over a decade since my most recent CD was released. In the meantime, I’ve been busy with lots of stuff; I wrote three books, I saved my wife’s life a couple of times, and I created a revolutionary new way for harmonica players to get loud. So I haven’t exactly been lying on a couch eating chocolates since 2005.

But enough is enough. It’s time for the next Richard Hunter record, and this one will be electric. It’ll have plenty of looped textures, plenty of jams, and plenty of big freakin’ harp sounds. It’ll take full advantage of everything I’ve learned in the last 15 years about the harmonica as an instrument for the 21st century.

There’ll be plenty of news coming about this project in the next few months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I’m very excited about this opportunity to lay down a major statement about the future of the harmonica. Now excuse me while I go write some songs…

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In the Studio: Keepers of the Streak

I did a session earlier this week with Brian Keane, a composer/producer I’ve worked with on a number of occasions, for a TV movie titled “Keepers of the Streak”, which is about four photographers in their 70s/80s who’ve photographed every Superbowl from the start. (The premise is basically an excuse to run a Superbowl greatest-hits highlight reel for 90 minutes.) The basic style of the music is modern country, which means country twang with a lot of rock influence, and the harmonica work for this session accordingly had a lot of amped-up blues-rock stuff in it.
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Harp Keys and Tunings for My Recorded Solo Repertoire

I’ve had a few requests recently for the harmonica keys and tunings that I used to record the pieces on my CDs “The Act of Being Free in One Act” and “The Second Act of Free Being.” So here, for your pondering pleasure, is a download PDF that lays it all out.
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Cover the Distance

This is the story of how I recorded the most emotionally shattering (at least from the player’s point of view) harp part I’ve ever laid on a track. Like Ringo said: you know it don’t come easy.
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News Flash: Lowlands 3rd CD Sessions Coming Soon

I got an email from my friend Ed Abbiatti, who wants me to know that he’s put a new version of his band Lowlands together, and they’re getting ready to mix their new CD down later this month. In the meantime, he wants me to get him some new harp tracks for the CD. I’m downloading the rough mixes as I write this.

Ed Abbiati, Richard Hunter I love Ed’s music–it’s big, tough, loud, and structured like nobody else’s, and I’ve done some of my best work on record for him. I’ve got a heavy travel schedule for the next week, but I’m determined to put some tracks together for him. Stay tuned for more news on this CD.

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Lowlands “Gypsy Child” released

I’ve just learned that the Pavia, Italy-based Americana band Lowlands has just released their second album, “Gypsy Child”. I’m playing diatonic harp on one cut, “Gotta Be”. It’s a ripper.

The album can be heard and purchased here. The songs are great and the playing is dead on. If you like early Stones and Rod Stewart circa “Gasoline Alley”, you’ll like this. I sure do.

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Why(K)now is what now?

Why(K)now is a band unlike any other. Think power trio–Hendrix or Led Zep, with harmonica leading instead of guitar. Already having trouble imagining the sound? Check it out.

The big sounds come from running the harmonica through a battery of amp modeling devices to big it up. I got the idea reading an interview with Korn’s lead guitarist, where he talked about recording simultaneously through 4 amps in the studio. I thought “I can do that,” and put my amp modelers together with a few channel switching pedals. Voila–harmonica as big as King Kong.

The band’s lineup currently includes Lexi Bodick on electric bass and Tracey Kroll (well known for his work with electronic jazzers Spinning Plates, among others) on drums.

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Richard Hunter’s Advanced Harmonica Technique Workshop: Program Notes


The purpose of this workshop is to cover a wide range of approaches to playing music on the harmonica. The workshop isn’t aimed at jazz, or blues, or folk, or any other style in particular; the techniques and approaches we cover here will help you to play any style with a solid sound and control over the harmonica, and will introduce you to some new ways (including some radically new ways) of thinking about the instrument.

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