“The Road Out of Here” is one of the pieces on my upcoming record “The Lucky One.” I’ve previously released a solo looped version of this tune via this site. The version on “The Lucky One” is supported by a full band, but it’s got the same reckless energy as the looped piece.

The lyrics for this piece seem apropos to recent events in America and the world, so here they are. Enjoy.

“The Road Out of Here” copyright 2016 by R. Hunter/Turtle Hill Productions, all rights reserved

On the road
Out of here
Communication is frequently unclear
Is easily received
But nobody knows what they can believe
We watch the Sky
Swinging from greed to fear
You better bring more than your eyes and ears
If you wanna know who’s driving
On the road out of here

On the road
Out of here
You’re king of the mountain or you disappear
Number one
Gets a lot
Number two gets a little
Number three gets not
The mountain is steep
And the dropoff is sudden and sheer
A whole lotta people gonna fall to the rear
It’s the rule of the road on the road out of here

On the road
out of here
The preppies are playing with stolen gear
Trading shots
Swapping knives
Practicing lying to their future wives
Well honey they’ll say
I’m just going out for a beer
But the bars are all closed
She will yell through her tears
While his car speeds away on the road out of here

On the road
out of here
No signal you send ever disappears
What you say what you buy where you go
Everybody knows it
everybody knows
It’s a world without secrets
And we are transparently clear
And when I know what secrets you cherish and fear
I’m gonna drive you around on the road out of here