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Live Streaming for the Corporate Battle of the Bands Finals on September 12!

Gartner in the Cloud performing at the Inc. Magazine Battle of the Bands regional semifinal in Washington DC, May 30 2015

Gartner in the Cloud performing at the Inc. Magazine Battle of the Bands regional semifinal in Washington DC, May 30 2015

You may recall that Gartner in the Cloud, the band I played with in the Corporate Battle of the Bands semifinals last May in Washington DC, won that round and is going to Cleveland to play in the finals on September 12.

I have just learned that the show will be streamed live, so those of you who can’t make the trek to Cleveland can see the show as it happens on your Internet-ready device. The link will be live at 7pm Eastern (New York) time on September 12 on the homepage of Get some beers and popcorn, open up some space in the living room in case you want to dance, and turn it up loud on the best speakers you’ve got. We’re playing to win.

This band plays classic rock and roll, loud and proud, and the harmonica is an important part of the band’s sound. My rig for this show consists of a Digitech iStomp running Swingshift and a Digitech RP500 running my patch set, customized for this show with tweaks to the sounds and to the layout of those sounds on the RP. There’s a lot of variety in the tones I use with this band, and some very different approaches to rock harmonica to go with it. Check it out online next Saturday.

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Recording My First Country Session With the RP360XP

No, this isn’t about recording my first country session, just the first one with the Digitech RP360XP.
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Now That I’m Playing Loud Rock & Roll Again, I’m Blowing Out My Seydels

I’ve been playing mostly acoustic music onstage and in the studio for a while now, and my harps have held up very well. But in the rehearsals for the Battle of the Bands in Cleveland, I’ve been playing loud rock and roll, and it’s showing in wear and tear on the harps.

The two harps I use most with Gartner in the Cloud are a Seydel Session Steel in D and a Seydel 1847 Classic in A. One of the blow reeds on the 1847 has dropped in pitch 2-3 cents, and the draw 4 reed on the Session Steel went a half step flat last night. Sheesh.

I’ve ordered extra reed plates for the 1847 and an 1847 Classic to replace the Session Steel. But it’s still spooky. These harps are loud and tough, equipped with stainless steel reeds. Am I really blowing that hard? Apparently. Y’know, when you’re surrounded with big guitars, you tend to play harder even when you can already hear yourself well (which, in fairness to me, I can’t always do in rehearsals with this band). I’ve just got to throttle it back and go for deep rather than loud.

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Grant Dermody’s “Sun Might Shine on Me” Sets the New Standard for Acoustic Roots Harmonica Records

grantdermody I’ve been listening to Grant Dermody’s latest release, Sun Might Shine On Me, for the last couple of days. It’s a brilliantly produced work that presents the listener with lovingly rendered performances of traditional American music and original pieces in traditional styles. For harmonica players, the record offers what amounts to a catalog of essential acoustic harmonica techniques, applied with plenty of guts and smarts to great emotional effect. In short–and there will be more details in this review, but let’s say it now–this record sets the new standard for harp-focused traditional acoustic music.
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Adventures with JamSync: It Gets Better

In my latest post I mentioned that Digitech’s JamSync works: I can sync my JamMan Solo XT to my JamMan Express XT, no problem. Now I’ve discovered that it does something I hadn’t expected and that I’ve wanted for a long time.
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A Multi-Colored Piece for Harmonica as Organ

I recorded this improvised piece in my home studio last month. I wanted to try something where the structure of the piece is defined as much by changes in tone as by changes in harmony, and it worked nicely in this case.
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First Impressions of the JamMan Solo XT and JamSync

After two false starts, I finally succeeded in acquiring a working used Digitech JamMan Solo XT looper from Guitar Center. I’ve had it up and running for a few days, and I’m getting used to the differences between the Solo XT and my previously preferred looper, the JamMan Stereo.
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Chris Cacavas/Ed Abbiatti “Me and the Devil” is Released in the USA!

Just picked this up off Ed Abbiati’s Facebook page. The record Ed did last year with Chris Cacavas of Green on Red, “Me and the Devil,” which features yours truly playing harmonica on two tracks, has been released in the USA by Burnside Distribution. Let Ed tell the story…
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Power Adapter Craziness with the Digitech Jamman Solo XT

I wrote a few weeks ago that I was getting set up to test a new looping setup involving a Syncman, a Yamaha drum machine, a Digitech JamMan Solo XT looper, and a JamMan Express XT looper. What travails have ensued since then, you may ask. These.
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