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The Digitech RP360 Firmware Update Finally Took–After 6 Tries

I had to power the device down and up again 6 times, with Nexus running on my computer, before the firmware update worked. The first 5 times, the update started, took a few shaky steps into the RP’s flash memory, then shut down. The sixth time, it went all the way. And to my great relief, the backup I’d saved of the 50 presets in my Huntersounds v17 patch set loaded on the first try.

The RP360XP: maybe it's working now?

The RP360XP: maybe it’s working now?

So I’m up and running again with the RP360XP, ready to test the patch set in the audible world. I still don’t know if the problems I’ve seen with the stability of patches in the RP360’s memory have been solved by the latest firmware update, but I’ll know soon. Stay tuned.

And Digitech, if you’re reading this, would you please fix this s—? I own one of almost every RP you ever made, starting with the RP200. I’ve been programming the RPs for 10 years. And if I didn’t have that history, I would have thrown this thing into the trash on Day One, because so far it’s the buggiest piece of gear I’ve ever bought from anyone. And you must know it, because it’s pretty amazing to see the first firmware rev less than two weeks after a device becomes available for sale. It makes me wonder whether that rev was underway even before the device went public, i.e. whether you knew the thing had some serious issues when it was released. Did you?


7 Responses to “The Digitech RP360 Firmware Update Finally Took–After 6 Tries”

  1. Sabas Gonzalez says:

    Hi! I´ve read some of your posts, and they´re very interesting. I´m getting some interest on these RP´s devices, and your site has enlightened me enough to keep me interested. Now, I have one question about that RP360: Original presets number 64 (Dist Bass), 65 (Bass Solo), 66 (Bass Harmonics) and 67 (70s Bass) are in fact bass simulator presets? That would be great if they are.

    I´m following your “experience” with your RP360XP, half dream-half nightmare; but I guess it´s now becoming more of a dream since you´re taking it to Italy. Hope you can post some more news before leaving.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Richard Hunter says:

    Hi Sabas,

    I haven’t experimented much with the RP360’s built in presets; I was focused on getting my own patches loaded in so I could take it to Milan. I don’t know whether the patches you mention are designed to EMULATE a bass, or designed to be USED WITH a bass–two very different situations. In my own patch sets, I’ve programmed several octave- and double-octave down patches; the former are great for tenor sax-ish sounds, and the latter for bass. (In fact, the double octave down sounds can be made to sound like anything from a tuba to an electric bass, though it helps to add distortion for the latter in order to assure a fast attack).

    At this point I think I’m out of the nightmare phase with the 360, but I’m still looking forward to better software.

  3. Sabas Gonzalez says:

    Hi, Richard..

    Well, thanks anyway! I think those bass patches are for emulating bass (as RP355´s 46 preset GTRBAS). I wrote to Digitech´s support asking the same and this was the answer (does it makes sense to you?) : “Yes, they use the whammy effect to drop the tuning one octave.”.

    I don´t know if you know/have tried Fender´s FUSE software for editing Mustang Amplifier presets (with its limitations, I like it); do you think it´s possible to adjust one of the presets for emulating a bass? I have a Mustang I (v1) amp -it´s my only modeler- and though I´m happy with it, I´m thinking replacing it with a RP255, RP355 or RP360. What do you think about it? Is it a “wise” thought? I´ll be loosing a speaker, but will be getting a looper, rythm banks, acoustic and bass simulators, and more heavy presets, and will still have an interface for recording with the PC. And anyway, I always play with headphones (I´m a bedroom player, father,husband.. not a band guy).

    THANKS again!

  4. Richard Hunter says:

    Hi Sabas,

    The whammy effect is one of the two ways that you can drop the pitch; the other is to use the pitch shift effect. if you want to emulate a bass, I’d drop the pitch two octaves, not one.

    Haven’t tried the Mustangs or the FUSE software; I presume the Mustangs sound good with harp, given that they mostly emulate Fender amps, which are generally preferred by blues harp players. If you’re going to replace the Mustang, I’d recommend the RP355 or 360 instead of the 255; you just get a lot more for the relatively little extra expense. Used 355s can be found for much less than $150 on However, if you’re plannign to do a lot with the looper, the 360 might be a better choice. My patch set for that device will be available in a few months.

  5. Boyet says:

    Anybody knows the latest Firmware version of RP360xp?thanks

  6. Richard Hunter says:

    @Boyet: check

  7. Boyet says:

    @Richard Hunter: thanks sir

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