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Welcome to our Pro Page, where some of the best professional country, rock, jazz, blues, and classical harmonica players in the world tell you what records they listen to, what harmonicas they use, and the gear they use to perform and record.

We inaugurated this page with our friend and top rock harp pro Jimmy Gordon. We’ve since added country, rock and bluegrass monster Mike Stevens, New York studio master Rob Paparozzi, Nashville session pro Kirk “Jelly Roll” Johnson, jazz chromatic and diatonic master Clint Hoover, UK-based jazz and classical chromatic master Julian Jackson, acoustic blues master Tom Ball, amplified blues tone master Dennis Gruenling, the world’s leading classical harmonica virtuoso, Robert Bonfiglio, double World Champion and diatonic blues/jazz master Carlos del Junco, Irish harmonica master Brendan Power, rising blues star Annie Raines, and now master player, composer, and harmonica manufacturer Lee Oskar!

Stay tuned for more pages on top harmonica professionals worldwide!


2 Responses to “The Pro Page”

  1. Frank Neil says:

    Hi, I need your advice on how to get that Chicago blues sound using my Shure Green Bullet mic and Laney Cub 12 R Tube amp. Its ok but I feel it could be improved.

    Can you please advise?

    Kind regards

  2. Richard Hunter says:

    Hi Frank, I’m not the expert on optimizing tube amp setups. I suggest you post this question to the harp-l List (join the list at if you haven’t already), or check with the folks at the Blues Harp Amps blog (

    That said, one thing to consider is whether your basic sound without an amp is everything it could be. A thin sound just gets louder, not deeper, when it’s amped. Check the post on breathing exercises at my site. Also think about how you’re holding the mic; blues harp players generally use what they call a “tight cup” around the mic to maximize the mic distortion when they play.

    Regards, RH

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