Need Harmonica for Your Recording?

If you need harmonica for your recording, call Richard Hunter (yeah, me!). I read music, and I cover just about every harmonica style you can think of. I work to deadline, and I’ve got hundreds of credits with producers like Brian Keane, John Kiehl, Mason Daring, and Chuck Eller. I’m conveniently located for work from New York to Hartford, and I’ll travel farther if the pay merits.

If you don’t have a travel budget for the musicians on your project, send me an MP3 with a rough mix and I’ll take it from there. I’ve got a home studio that’s very well equipped to record diatonic and chromatic harmonica tracks from folk and cowboy to Chicago blues, rock, jazz, classical, and even harmonica electronica, and I’ve recorded tracks there for clients from Hollywood to Austin to New York to Milan. You can hear samples of my work at this website.

You can call me at +1 203-258-4051, or click here to send an email. I answer inquiries within 24 hours.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to working with you.

Photo by Chiara Meatelli