October 9, 2005

If you're into harmonica, you're in the right place!

This is harmonica virtuoso RICHARD HUNTER'S Web site for harmonica players and fans!

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What We're All About
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What We're All About

This web site for harmonica players and fans is provided by Richard Hunter, world-class harmonica player, author of Jazz Harp (Oak Publications, NYC, 1980), and composer of original works for harmonica, including The Act of Being Free in One Act, the first full-length CD of works for unaccompanied harmonica ever recorded, and The Second Act of Free Being, the CD that takes solo harmonica to a new level.

We aim to present harmonica players and fans with solid information by and about the best players on the planet. We've obviously got an aesthetic viewpoint where music and the harmonica are concerned, but this site is about more than that. We celebrate harmonica players EVERYWHERE who are doing great work in EVERY style.

If you're a player, we hope that this site helps you to become a better player.

If you're a fan, we hope that this site provides you with insights and information that will increase your enjoyment of the great music made by great harmonica players everywhere.

The material we present here is serious stuff by serious people who care about the harmonica, and we think it deserves to be seen and talked about. Not all of the material presented at this site reflects our own opinions. All of it is worth your attention if you're into harmonica and the people who play it.

That's the story! Now . . .

Take a look around this site for some of the best harmonica stuff on the Web!

What's New and What's Hot


You want MP3s? We got 'em! Click here for full-length MP3s of Richard Hunter's solo pieces, plus unreleased electric harmonica recordings, all free!

The Pro Pages

EVERY harp player and fan should see our PRO PAGE, where top players in country, blues, jazz, classical, and rock harmonica talk about what they listen to, the instruments they play, and the gear they use! 9/29/99 with our new page on up-and-coming amplified blues monster Dennis Gruenling, on 1/10/2000 with a page on the world's leading classical harmonica virtuoso, Robert Bonfiglio, on 2/1/00 with a page on modern blues diatonic master Carlos del Junco,, on 2/8/00 with a page on Irish chromatic and diatonic master Brendan Power, on 3/2/00 with a page on rising blues star Annie Raines, and on 7/12/04 with a page on master player, composer, and harmonica manufacturer Lee Oskar!

The $400 Chicago Blues Setup

  • Looking for a hot Chicago-style amped setup that works for beginners and pros? Here's one for $400 (or less!) complete.
  • Been using the $400 setup, and you need a louder rig? Click Here.
  • Want the MOST bang for your buck, and aren't afraid to try something a little bit different? Click Here
  • Beginning to think you've got a real Jones for Gear? Read this

    Effects Setups!

    We've started publishing the setups for the effects boxes Hunter uses on his new electronic music! Click here for the story on the boxes and settings that produce the heavy sounds! 8/15/02

    Here's What The Pros Have To Say About Playing the Harp

    Guest writer and leading classical harmonica virtuoso Robert Bonfiglio has a few things to say about tone and intensity! Don't miss it!

    Guest writer and leading Irish harmonica virtuoso Brendan Power tells you how to play Irish music on the chromatic harmonica. Click Here!

    Guest writer and blues virtuoso Tom Ball tells you how to get a great clean sound through a PA. Go on, man, Clean up yer sound

    Think Little Walter never played acoustic harp? Better read what Tom Ball has to say about it!

    Here's some more cool stuff for harmonica players and fans:

  • Are you a beginner? Check out our Beginner's Page

  • About Harmonica Players and playing the harmonica
    Like the title says, this is where we talk about
    who's playing , what they're playing, and how they're doing it.
    We've added Guest Writers to this page,
    including amp afficianado Don DeStefano,
    alternate tuning guru Pat Missin,
    master harp tech Tim Moyer,
    master harmonica maker Joe Filisko,
    Ted van Beek, master of the double-reed harmonica,
    leading classical harmonica virtuoso Robert Bonfiglio,
    leading Irish harmonica virtuoso Brendan Power, and
    blues virtuoso Tom Ball.
    Come on and check it out!

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