September 6, 2002

About Harmonica Players and Playing the Harmonica

Check out our new PRO PAGE, where top players in country, blues, jazz, rock, and classical harmonica talk about what they listen to, the instruments they play, and the gear they use! March 2, 2000 with our new page on rising blues star Annie Raines!

Playing the Harmonica

The pages in this section offer information on how to play the instrument and how to set it up for playing in public or recording. We've just begun to add Guest Writers to these pages. Stay tuned for lots of great stuff from some of the best players on the Web (and in the world).

Instruments and Setups

About Harmonica Players

These pages talk about some of the best players we've ever heard, from all over the world, in every style, and their recorded work. You'll know some of these names; if you're serious about harp, you'll want to know all of them.

Record Reviews

Instruments and Setups

  • Got a Jones for Gear? Read this
    Updated 6/21/2001

  • Blues Virtuoso and Guest Author Tom Ball tells you how to get a great clean sound through a PA
    Updated 6/21/2001

  • Thinking of buying a double-reed harp? Don't spend your money until you check out Guest Author Ted van Beek's reviews
    Updated 8/6/2000

  • Looking for a hot Chicago-style amped setup that works for beginners and pros? Here's one for about $400 complete.
    Updated 1/17/2001

    Been using the $400 setup, and you need a louder rig? Click Here
    Updated 1/17/2001

  • Want to get a Chicago-style sound through a PA? Here's how
    Updated 1/21/99

  • You've heard the samples: here are the setups used to record the harp sounds
    Updated 1/2/98

  • Want a fat sound from your blackface Fender Deluxe or your PA?
    Guest Writer Don DeStefano tells you how!

    Updated 1/1/99

  • The debate on fully chromatic playing on the diatonic harmonica continues with this thought-provoking piece by guest writer and master harmonica maker Joe Filisko
    Updated 7/5/99

  • Sealing your harps with Micropore Tape makes them LOTS more responsive! Guest writer Tim Moyer of Workingman's Harps tells how
    Updated 5/18/99

  • Tired of the same old tunings?
    Check out Guest Writer Pat Missin's Altered States!

    Updated 7/27/01

  • Have you played a Country-Tuned Harmonica? Why not?
    Updated 12/2/98

  • Why play special tunings? Here's why . . .
    Updated 6/22/97

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  • Are you a beginner? Check out our Beginner's Page!
    Updated 6/2/99

  • Want to play Irish and Celtic music on your chromatic?
    Guest author and leading Irish harmonica virtuoso
    Bendan Power can tell you how!

    Updated 6/4/01

  • What's the importance of gear to your tone?
    See what guest author and leading classical harmonica virtuoso
    Robert Bonfiglio has to say about it!

    Updated 5/16/01

  • Want a big sound? Check out this set of Breathing Exercises!
    Updated 2/26/98

  • Can You (or Anyone) Play in 12 Keys on a Single Diatonic Harp?
    Updated 4/7/2002

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  • Blues Virtuoso and Guest Author Tom Ball tells you all about the acoustic side of Little Walter
    Updated 6/21/2001

  • Something for John Mayall
    Updated 7/12/98

  • Mike Stevens is one of the best diatonic players in the world
    Updated 3/8/98

  • You've Heard Rob Papparozzi
    Updated 11/7/97

  • Pete Pedersen is One Funky Guy
    Updated 10/18/97

  • Something About Charlie Musselwhite
    Updated 6/7/97

  • An appreciation of John Popper
    Updated 6/15/97

  • A few words for Taj Mahal
    Updated 7/19/97

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    Record Reviews

  • A Harmonica Review of Blues Traveler's Straight on Till Morning
    Updated 4/19/98

  • A Harmonica Review of James Taylor's Hourglass
    Updated 9/11/98

  • A Harmonica Review of William Galison/Mulo Franzi Group's Midnight Sun
    Updated 9/11/98

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