November 17, 2006

All About Richard Hunter's Music

Richard's most recent recordings are ALWAYS available for listening on! To hear Richard's latest music, all you have to do is click here! You'll be taken to Broadjam, where you'll see a list of Richard's recordings. Pick the one you want to hear first and hit PLAY! Recent Broadjam Top 10 recordings from Richard include the Gothic Rock vampire movie theme "Stone Castle" and the New Orleans-groovin' blues "Paris Boogie"! ENJOY!

Want to license Hunter's music for your movie, TV show, commercial, etc.? Great idea! Contact us here!

Hunter has released well over a dozen pieces to subscribers in his FREE "Jacked In" series of electric recordings, including Black Widow, a full-on piece of electric harmonica intended for a vampire movie soundtrack, Minor Kill, an electric blues homage to Jimi Hendrix, and the moody, beautiful, Floyd-ish piece Pull of the Moon! All are available for FREE download to subscribers, along with all the other pieces in this series!

If you want to hear Hunter's new pieces in their entirety, FREE, here's what you want to do . . .

The Works:

  • Everything about Richard Hunter's music:
    samples, album notes, bio...

  • Hunter's latest news, reviews, and performance schedules

  • Click here for full-length MP3s of Richard Hunter's solo pieces, plus
    unreleased electric harmonica recordings, all free!

  • Want to know how Hunter gets those extreme electric sounds? We're publishing the setups for the effects boxes Hunter uses on his new electronic music! Click here for the story on the boxes and settings that produce the heavy sounds!

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