October 9, 2005

Welcome to Richard Hunter's
Jacked In Electric Harmonica Project!

Painting Jacked In by Dean Hunter-Cutrona

As of September 2005, Hunter has officially stopped releasing new pieces to his subscription list while he and his wife complete work on their first novel together. However, all 28 pieces released to subscribers between March 2002 and September 2005 are still available for FREE download. If you're interested, read on.

Here's What the Music's About

What kind of music is this, you ask? Electric music with big sounds and big grooves, mostly. Some of the music is very electronic, and some is almost traditional (except you'd never hear harmonica used that way in traditional music). It's nothing like the solo acoustic stuff I put on my CDs The Act of Being Free in One Act and The Second Act of Free Being.

Some of these pieces are pretty raw; others are polished. I made an effort to surprise myself with this stuff, so you can expect to be surprised too.

Try It, You'll Like It

Want to hear the stuff before you make up your mind? Glad to oblige!
Check out these samples, all in 192 kHz MP3 format, about 500-900 KB each:

Full version released February 27, 2004!
Click here to download our new Gothic rock masterpiece "Black Widow" (500+ KB)

Full version released September 2, 2002!
Click here to download "Another Kinda Love" (800+ KB),
Hunter's take on one of his favorite John Mayall tunes. It's blue, it's heavy, it's loaded with funk.

Full version released October 28, 2002!
Click here to download "Pull of the Moon" (500+ KB),
a moody, beautiful, Floyd-ish piece dressed up in exotic harmonica and synth sounds.

Full version released December 5, 2002!
Click here to download our hiphop-groovin' "Deeper" (600+ KB)

Full version released August 11, 2002!
Click here to download "In the Thick" (700+ KB)
Talk about electric! Are those things strings, is that line played backwards? You wanted radical, you got it.

Full version released July 4, 2002!
Click here to download "Spiritual"
"Traditional" harmonica, or is it? Sure sounds sweet.

Full version released May 2002!
Click here to download "Slide Song"
Hard-rockin', heavily electronic music.
If you've heard these sounds elsewhere, you were dreamin'.

Please note that all these pieces are
Copyright 2002-2005 Richard Hunter/Turtle Hill Music,
and all rights are reserved.

About the recording format

The pieces are made available as full-length, high-quality MP3s.
I generally use 128 kbps encoding, because it's the best compromise
between great quality and downloadable size.

Like the samples? What are you waiting for? Sign up!

Here's What You Have To Do To Get It

To get the music, you'll have to provide me with a valid e-mail address. That's all the information you have to provide. Once a month, I'll e-mail everyone on the list to tell them when and where they can download the newest piece.

Here's What You Have To Promise Me

Anyone receiving a download has to promise me that the download, and any copies you might make of it, will NOT be sold, given, or otherwise transferred to anyone else, in any form. The music is copyrighted, and is protected by all applicable copyright laws. You can't put it on a CD and give it to a friend. You can't put it in an e-mail and send it to a friend. If the friend wants a copy, you tell him or her to send me a valid e-mail address, and they'll get the same download instructions every other subscriber gets. You can't cut the music up and put the samples in your own pieces. You can't sell it in any form to anyone. You can't send a copy to Napster or Aimster or Kazaa or any other kind of -ster or -zaa. The preceding list isn't meant to be exhaustive; it's meant to tell you that the music is for the enjoyment of the people who subscribe here, period. I think that's a pretty fair deal. If you don't think so, please don't sign up.

Here's What I Promise You

I promise not to knowingly share the e-mail address you provide me with anyone, period. I further promise to take care to protect it from theft as well as I protect my own personal information.

That's The Deal

That's basically it. You give me an e-mail address, I give you music.

Interested? Send me an email and tell me you want to hear the music and you accept the terms above. We'll put you on the list immediately. You'll have access to everything we've released in this series so far, and everything we're going to release until the series ends.

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