Boris Plotnikov of Ekaterinberg, Russia has featured on this site before. (About 4 or 5 times, in fact. Just type “Plotnikov” into the search window in the upper right corner of this screen and see what comes up.) Boris has just released his first full-length recording with his band Vinnebago, which Boris describes as a “very uncommon mix of modern production, jazz harmonica solos and Russian hip-hop lyrics.” I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but the video teaser has enough killer stuff on it to make this record a top priority for my spin stack. The harmonica sounds brilliant, as expected, and it’s pretty cool to hear someone rap in Russian–the rhythms and the attitude come through even if you don’t know a word of the language (like, uh, me).

Check it out, then get the record on iTunes. Yeah, you heard me: CHECK IT OUT, THEN GET THE RECORD ON iTUNES! That’s right.