RealWeepingHarpSenoh is a band from Japan with three harp players. I never heard of them before this video was posted to the Harp-L list. Every one of these guys plays totally authentic blues harp–it’s really quite impressive.

This piece is Jimmy Reed’s classic “Baby What You Wanna/Let It Roll”, of which I recorded an instrumental solo version for my CD The Act of Being Free in One Act back in 1994. Good song choice…

This version was recorded live in Tokyo on 14 May 2011. Pretty fresh. The harp players (and their ages) are as follows:
Left:Taro Senga (21)
Center:Weeping Harp Senoh (62)
Right:Kotez (40)

Sure sounds nice. Taro Senga has obviously been listening carefully to Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller). Love that hand stuff…