I love Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics. I tuned in to a broadcast of the Springsteen tribute concert on PBS recently and saw this absolutely mind-blowing guitar solo by Tom Morello, who’s done a lot of great work with Rage Against the Machine, on Springsteen’s “The Ghost of Tom Joad.”

Harp players–especially players armed with a Digitech RP and one of my patch sets–can learn a lot from this solo. (So can any other musician.) In a few minutes, Morello shows you a massive range of sounds you can make with an electric guitar and a pedal or two, and some of it translates to harmonica (harmonica with FX, anyway) practically verbatim. Check out the section where he’s playing straight quarter-notes, pushing down on the wah-wah on the attack of every note. Check out the section where he pushes the wah pedal to the floor and leaves it there, giving the guitar an angels-on-high singing quality.

Check out everything, man. It’s an epic performance, brilliant and complex in multiple dimensions–line, timbre, harmony, rhythm. It’s not just played, it’s orchestrated. Easily one of the greatest and most profound solos I’ve ever heard, and time spent studying it will surely reward the student.