I’ve completed setup and testing on the first RP150/155 patch sets. I expect to complete the documentation within a week, and to offer the sets for sale within two weeks.

DigiTech RP155 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal with USB

I was a little surprised at how much fun I had working on this set. The stripped-down feature set of these pedals, compared to the RP250/255/350/355, made it easier for me to focus on some of the essentials, and I re-acquainted myself with various amp models and FX that I haven’t visited for awhile. I’ll be distributing some of the results of these discoveries to my RP licensees in the next quarterly update, which I’ll send out (a little behind schedule) within two weeks.

The RP150/155 patch sets include 50 patches total, with about half those consisting of amped-up stuff suitable for blues and rock, and the other half consisting of various reverbs, delays, and reverbs plus delays (and an occasional detune effect). Because the RP150/155 has no expression pedal, I was unable to put reverb or delay time or level (or anything else) under footpedal control. The solution was to create multiple patches for each type of reverb or delay, which gives the player a lot of variety to choose from. I doubt anyone’s going to be left wanting for reverbs or delays with this box (and if you want more control, you can always get an RP255 or 355).

I did a recording session for a client last night using the RP155 as my computer audio interface, and I’m pleased to report that it works every bit as well in this regard as its bigger brothers, which is plenty good enough for most purposes.

The only real issue I have with the RP150/155 is that the patch names it displays are limited to 2 numeric digits. That’s not tops when you’re trying to remember which of 50 patch locations is the one where you stored the exact sound you want for a particular song. But again, if you need a longer and more specific patch name, you can always get an RP255 or 355.

A new RP155 costs about $100, and my patch set will sell for $25. That’s a great price for a road-worthy box that comes with 25 cool amped up tones, 25 very good reverbs and delays, and a 24-bit computer audio recording interface. Used RP 150s and 155s are even less expensive; I acquired an RP150 used in good condition for this project from the nearest Guitar Center for $25 shipped, and a mint condition RP155 from eBay for $75.

I’ll post recordings of sounds from these RPs to my website within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.