The Huntersounds patch sets for Digitech RP150/155 are now available for sale at our store, a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. I expect the RP150/155 patches to be available on within the next few weeks as well.

DigiTech RP155 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal with USB

I’m very happy with the way these patches sound, and in fact I’ve translated several of the new RP150/155 patches to the Digitech RP250/255/350/355, which will go out to subscribers for these devices within the next week or so.

The RP150/155 have the same sound engine as the bigger RPs, but they don’t have the expression pedal or some of the amp models, cabinet models, and FX. What they’ve got sounds EXACTLY the same as the bigger RPs, including all the very nice delays and reverbs, and I’ve taken pains to set the 150/155 up with more than 25 reverb, delay, and reverb + delay patches for people who just want a great reverb plus delay box at a bargain price. (I trust those people won’t complain when they hear all the other cool stuff these boxes do.)

New RP155s sell for about $100, and used RP150s and 155s in good condition can be found on eBay or at Guitar Center for well under that price. My patch sets for these devices sell for a mere $25(!). Check it out!