I went to a free concert in Jackson Wyoming tonight. The headliner was Wanda Jackson, a nice lady in her mid-70s who used to be a singer, and who had some interesting stories to tell about the days in the mid-1950s when she toured with Elvis, but whose voice no longer has the power needed to command a rock n’ roll band. The stories were fun, and the audience was kind to her, but she really wasn’t singin’ much.

The band backing Ms. Jackson was The Dusty 45s, a Seattle-based quartet who write and play original music in the style of ’50s rock n’ roll. The Dusty 45s played a short, tough set that included a cool solo on a (literally) flaming trumpet on the classic instrumental “Wipe Out.” And on one tune, their drummer played harmonica with one hand while drumming. He sounded good, too! Big clean tone through his vocal mic, nice riffs played well, moved around the harp like he knew what he was doing.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to the guy, but no matter. The Dusty 45s rock. They’re touring now with Adele, and it’s worth checking them out, even if they weren’t touring with Adele.