I wrote a few weeks ago that I was getting set up to test a new looping setup involving a Syncman, a Yamaha drum machine, a Digitech JamMan Solo XT looper, and a JamMan Express XT looper. What travails have ensued since then, you may ask. These.

I ordered the Solo XT and Express XT as used pieces from a couple of Guitar Centers. The Express XT arrived and works as advertised, and I succeeded in synchronizing it with the Syncman. You have to trigger the JamMan about half a measure before you want it to start recording so it has time to sync. I learned that by reading the instructions for the Syncman on the manufacturer’s site. Very useful, that Internet thing, huh? I think we should keep it.

Digitech JamMan Express XT: obviously fewer features than the Solo XT
Digitech JamMan Express XT: obviously fewer features than the Solo XT

Anyway, the Solo XT was a completely different story. First the Guitar Center that I bought the used piece from sent me the wrong piece: a second Express XT, instead of a Solo XT. The difference is pretty profound, starting with the fact that you can save the loops you create on the Solo XT, but you can’t save anything to the Express XT.

I informed the store of this mistake, and they sent me a return authorization. A few days after that a replacement XT Solo showed up, which is good, but there is a significant problem: this pedal does not work with any of the power supplies I own, including two different units of the model recommended by Digitech for this device. I can’t even get these units to clip onto the power terminal.

JamMan Solo XTs linked via JamSync; we're impatient to hear it in action
JamMan Solo XTs linked via JamSync; we’re impatient to hear it in action

So I’m returning this Solo XT too. I may take a chance on another used one–assuming it has the power supply–or I may just buy a new one. Either way, there’ll be some delay involved. I doubt I’ll get to work with these devices for another two weeks at least. In the meantime, stay tuned.