I wrote about the session where I played chromatic harmonica for Ed Abbiati’s song “Can’t Face the Distance” (which at the time I mistakenly thought was titled “Cover the Distance”) about a year and a half ago. Ed just (November 2015) released the CD, “Love Etc.”, that contains this piece as well as a lot of other great stuff. Go get it.

This video was written and directed by Giorgio Magaro. (He also directed this live video of Ed’s song “The Last Call,” with me on chromatic harp, which was recorded at the Lowlands acoustic show at Teatro Spazio 89 in Milan in April 2014.) “Can’t Face the Distance” is the first song on the recent “Lowlands Live Bootleg vol. 2” DVD (which is a limited- production release; if you want a copy, go here). According to Ed, Magaro asked to do the video for “Can’t Face the Distance” because he was knocked out by the song. I’m glad he was and did.

Also check out the band’s Facebook Page.