A license for a Huntersounds patch set gives the licensee the right to use the patch set with any corresponding Digitech or Zoom multi-effects device (i.e. a device whose model and manufacturer corresponds to that of the patch set) owned by the licensee for personal music-making purposes, including performance, recording, and any other music-making activities, compensated or otherwise, without restriction or further payment. The license also entitles the buyer to one full year of updates to the Huntersound patches purchased, starting on the date of purchase, at no additional charge. The licensee is responsible for providing his or her name and a valid email address at the time of purchase, along with agreement to these license terms.

The license is non-transferrable, meaning that it cannot be given away or re-sold. The licensee is also prohibited from transferring the information contained in the patch set, in whole or in part, to anyone else, in any form, whether or not the licensee is compensated in any way for the transfer. Such transfer is a violation of international copyright law. So, for example, a licensee may not:

a) give or sell copies of the patch set or individual patches to anyone else in printed or electronic form,
b) post the patch data or links to the patch data to a blog or a web site,
c) sell a device with Huntersounds patch data inside it,
d) otherwise transfer information contained in the patch set to anyone else, in any form.

In other words, a licensee can do pretty much anything with the patch set except publish it, sell it or give it away. This is a pretty normal license for music software, and we hope our buyers understand that we can’t afford to sell the patch set at low prices without this kind of licensing arrangement.

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