We’ve been making patchsets for the Digitech RPs since the early 2000s, when we started with the RP200. We’ve designed some great sounds for these devices, and we’ll continue to do so.

However, when a manufacturer stops making a device, there’s no point in continuing to develop new sounds for it. And that’s what Digitech’s done with their RP line from the 355 on down. They’re all discontinued.

We’re Looking Forward

We think the RP150/155, 250/255, and 350/355 are great little tool kits that make for powerful results onstage and in studio. But there are never going to be any more of them than there are now. And Digitech has introduced the RP360XP, a much more powerful performance and recording tool than the RP355, at the same price point as the 355 ($200), which is also the price point now for a new RP500. (We see used RP500s in good to excellent condition going for $120-140 on guitarcenter.com, with used RP360XPs around $125-150.) It’s more interesting for us to develop for the 360XP and the 500, because they do more. It’s also more interesting for our licensees, who get access to more powerful setups. So we’re focusing our efforts on the future.

Digitech RP360XP: it's the future, and we're going with it
Digitech RP360XP: it’s the future, and we’re going with it

You Can Still Get Our Great Sounds for Your Legacy RP

Prices for used RP150/155/250/255/350/355s will only go down from here, and harp players looking for bargains will surely get them on the used market. Any RP from the 150 up sounds great and is a harp player’s dream solution for recording, so harp players looking to explore this technology will be able to get an entry point that totals in the tens, not hundreds, of dollars. As of this writing (October 2015), used RP355s (the top of the line for the discontinued models) in “great” condition can be found on guitarcenter.com for $70-80, with RP255s selling well below that. We believe that our latest patch sets for these devices will continue to represent the state of the art in sound design for harmonica players for the foreseeable future, and we will continue to sell and support our current versions of these patches for the foreseeable future as well. Players who own one of these earlier devices who wish to upgrade to an RP500/1000/360 patch set license should contact us about our discounts for crossgrades.